The portable workstation for financial professionals

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Market-Q opens the door to a new dimension in expert data analysis.

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About Market-Q

Market-Q is a browser-based, comprehensive desktop terminal that integrates global real-time pricing information, news, research, key corporate actions and dividend data, plus sophisticated tools, including advanced charting and alert services.

With no software to download and easy, anywhere access via any web browser, Market-Q is the ideal, fully hosted solution for traders and financial professionals who need real-time data from the world’s financial markets without the costs associated with servers, circuits and routers or the extra bandwidth usually required to support professional-level market information.


Some of the features that Market-Q provides:

• Quotes, charts and news in a portable, lean and easily deployable service that accommodates remote users

• Global data across multiple asset classes, including equities, derivatives, Forex and fixed income data

• Charting with an extensive library of studies and drawing tools and an innovative, fresh, highly customizable user interface

• Full workstation (browser) and componentized (HTML) solutions

• Ability to integrate proprietary content into Market-Q, allowing firms to offer their users a single solution

• All the essential features in a cost-effective, professional workstation

• High quality customer support, including expedited full-product deployment and training, as well as customized billing and administrative reports and self-managed user accounts